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Laser Vein Treatment

Wherever visible veins are on the body, whether it's face, legs or elsewhere, most people would rather be rid of them. White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic can drastically reduce or eliminate the appearance of veins using the Fotona SP Dynamis laser.

Topical anesthetic or a cooling mechanism called the Zimmer is used for a more comfortable treatment. The doctor or laser technician will then fire a couple of pulses of the Nd:Yag laser over the vein, following the visible portion until the whole vein is treated. Depending on the location and type of vein, downtime may range from none to minimal. Medical grade sunscreen and skin care is recommended to prevent pigmentation and to improve overall quality of the skin.

Some varicose veins are treated with a combination of injections into the vein in addition to the laser therapy. For spider veins on the legs, compression stockings are required post treatment and are available retail or by prescription at local drug stores. It is important to stay out of the sun post treatment to prevent pigmentation.

If you would like to reduce the appearance of veins, book your consultation today to have a treatment plan developed for your individual needs.

Watch a facial vein treatment here.

Treatment Time: 15 minutes

Treatments Required: 1, touch up may be required

Downtime: None

Cost: $ - $$

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