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I have been seeing Dr. Bredenkamp for the past three months. The cosmetic improvement to my skin and facial structure is quite amazing. (I am 68 yrs old so I’m kind of late to the game!)


Dr. Bredenkamp works closely with his assistant, Mirela. They make a great team. My treatments have been comfortable at all times and Mirela monitors my recovery after each procedure. The treatment room is a relaxing and nurturing place.


Dr. Bredenkamp is very good at his job and he enjoys helping people. He is a gifted Physician and a Healer. I left each treatment feeling well cared for.


It’s been my pleasure to write this testimonial.

If you are searching online for where to go for treatments, look no further! Dr. Bredenkamp is wonderful, friendly, warm, straight-up and very experienced. I felt like I was in great hands and the results were beautiful, I couldn't be happier. Dr. Lamprecht is also lovely and when I went in last minute for a follow up, he was so understanding and friendly, I really appreciated it. It was really important to me that the doctor I chose had a long history in the medical field, treating patients for real issues and not just injections, which is one of the reasons I chose this clinic. The front desk staff are great also, always helpful, friendly and professional. I am so glad I found White Rock Skin & Laser! thank you!

I love this place! The team, the service, the products - all first class! I had a laser resurfacing from Dr Bredenkemp and while I was literally housebound for a couple days - the end result was worth a two day tv binge session! 😉. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! 💞


I have been struggling finding the best way to help my teenage son with his acne. Nothing actually helped much until I took him to see Dr. Bredenkamp in this clinic. My son is so happy about the result. As for myself, Dr. Bredenkamp and his assistant Mirela recommended a laser treatment to help me to remove the dark spots and some small scars that bothered me for years. I am still in the process of the treatments and I am very satisfied with the result so far. Will highly recommend to my friends. Thank you Dr. B. and Mirela and all other assistants for your being so professional and caring! You are the best!


I love the team and White Rock Skin and Laser! Their whole team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I’d highly recommend them for fillers, laser, and PRP! Their care and careful consultations will not steer you wrong!


My experience has been one of excellence from all the professional, knowledgeable and respectful staff; Dr. Lamprecht & Mirela, his assistant, explain all procedures in depth for my clear understanding, and answer all my ‘silly’ questions making me feel important and heard. I trust their expert opinions to help me decide on my best treatment options; and it shows with the positive results that I have received; my appearance is very natural, making me feel better with greater confidence, I have received many positive compliments on my appearance & people are amazed that I am 50 years old! 

I have never had any adverse or side effects, and all treatments have been comfortable due to the prior anesthetics provided to help decrease the pain & relax the muscles, this definitely put me to ease.  

Initially, I was nervous with the unknown & I did not want to appear too unnatural, but I was not worried, due to the confidence & competent service that was provided to me.  For the Laser Therapy, 30cc of my blood was taken, which was not painful, & it was turned into Plasma, which would be applied onto the skin after therapy, as this was the ‘Gold Treatment’;  I was given a topical gel anesthetic that worked very well, it was applied 30min. prior, and then the procedure was comfortable with the gentle care provided in a patient manner as always, there were honey-comb marks on my face & neck from the therapy and Mirela tried to cover as much skin surface she safely could; afterwards my Plasma was applied over all the laser therapy, and I was not to wash or get my face/neck wet for 48hours for maximum benefit; I was also given an anti-inflammatory gel that was to be applied after the 48hours to decrease the redness & dry skin; I left the clinic with a burned red face/neck with no pain or side effects, I covered up with a hat to avoid the sun & went to the mall shopping, but I felt good; after 24hours, the redness had decreased considerably, as my daughter commented, & I even had a coffee date the next day as it was understood what I had done, he even asked ‘to kiss me’!   The red, dry skin lasted 3-4 day as that topical gel really helped settle the inflammation & help keep my skin smooth & comfortable; and now I have even more of a natural glow that feels amazing.

Thank you for all your great care & expertise, helping me feel more beautiful looking as natural as possible!​


Very pleased with my visists and results. My Botox lasted longer than any of the other places I have gone. Staff was friendly and got me in very quick, Dr knows what he's doing, and the price was better than all the others. Making this clinic my permanent go to Botox spot.


My experience with White Rock Skin and Laser has been life-changing. My personal experience has not been for cosmetic reasons but for the physical ability to run again. Receiving PRP and Hot laser therapy for a moderately torn muscle from Dr. Bredenkamp and his team. First class in education and service. Forever in your debt.
Thank you so much. Watch out Boston!


This is the best skin clinic! I have done fillers, Botox and also the skin products and the results were amazing. I highly recommend it. They are very professional and really do care about their clients and their unique needs!


Friendly staff, amazing products that work, and a beautiful space.


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