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Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch marks are extremely common however they can greatly affect one's confidence in their body. If you'd like to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your body following pregnancy, weight fluctuation or more, book a consultation with the team at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic to have a treatment plan developed tailored to your needs.

The Fotona laser is used in multiple steps to target the appearance of stretch marks. We can stimulate collagen production, help with skin tightening as well as target the stretch marks to achieve a better overall result in the treatment area. Treatments are always performed by our experienced, certified laser technicians. 


Multiple treatments are required and are based on individual needs and results are gradual. Topical anesthetic is used to alleviate discomfort however no significant downtime is noted post treatment.


Book your consultation today to have your treatment plan developed as the first step towards feeling better about your stretch marks. 

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Treatments Required: 3 - 6

Downtime: None

Cost: $$ - $$$

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