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Skin Resurfacing

If you're frustrated by multiple skin issues, especially sun damage, pigmentation, milia, actinic keratosis (AK's), scars, acne scars, and/or fine lines and wrinkles then a resurfacing treatment may be right for you. It can treat pre-malignant lesions as well. Also known as a fractional ablative laser, our treatment has less downtime than comparable treatments such as the CO2 laser with equivalent results.

Clients are given topical numbing cream, local anesthetic, as well as the Pronox (laughing gas) for a more comfortable treatment. The entire treatment is performed by one of our physicians. Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, resurfacing lasers selectively target tissue resulting in controlled tissue vaporization. Residual thermal injury in the dermis results in collagen shrinkage and remodeling, which tightens and improves the texture and quality of the skin. PRP is often applied either topically or injected, to aid in the healing process and increase the production of new collagen. 

A post procedure skin care program is included to be followed at home; downtime is approximately one week. The treatment results in smoother, tighter skin with less noticeable pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and AK's/milia are reduced. A radio frequency treatment may be required to minimize raised AK's, scars, or other abnormalities at the same as the laser treatment. This treatment would be completed at the same time as the skin resurfacing. A medical-grade skin care routine will also be recommended to ensure longer lasting, beautiful results. 

This treatment has become a specialty at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic. If you're interested in discussing this treatment with one of our physicians, please book a consultation today.

Treatment Time: 2 hours

Treatments Required: 1

Downtime: 7 days

Cost: $$$

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