May is SculpSure Month at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic

Just in time for summer, White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic is offering a discount on body contouring with SculpSure! This laser treatment is taking the body sculpting market by storm. With an average of 24% reduction per treatment, and treatments taking only 25 minutes, this "lunch hour beauty treatment" is quick, well-tolerated and effective.

The flexibility of the four applicators that compose a treatment means you're able to target many different areas, even two at the same time. Would you like to see a reduction in body fat in your love handles, bra fat, abdomen, thighs or elsewhere? Then SculpSure might just be the treatment for you.

Come talk to the team at White Rock Skin & Laser to see if SculpSure is right for you! You can book your FREE consultation by clicking here, or call 778-545-1925.

May is Sculpsure month where you can enjoy 30% off 2 treatments for 2 areas, 40% off 2 treatments for 3 areas and 50% off each additional treatment! Book now to take advantage of this special offer.