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New York Cosmetic Dermatologist Discusses Fall Fraxel Season

White Rock Skin & Laser found this article in the Evening Standard explaining why there is an uptick in laser procedures... specifically in laser resurfacing every fall. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a New York-based cosmetic dermatologist, explains why this is the time of year that is best to do these types of procedures and why THIS year is particularly good.

Resurfacing lasers, such as the Fraxel laser at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic, cause micro-injuries to your skin in order to stimulate a healing response in your body. The skin heals by producing collagen and elastin and as the new skin comes to the surface, you're left with younger looking, smoother skin. And even more importantly, this process gets rid of sun damage and pigmentation which can reduce your risk of basal and squamous cell skin cancer.

This fresh skin on the surface is more susceptible to sun damage, just like baby skin, so during the fall, when we are inside more and it's not as sunny, it's much safer and prevents further damage. 2020 is exceptionally good because during the downtime following the procedure, it's quite probable you won't be seeing anyone anyway. As well, the usual benefits of fall are magnified in that we aren't going out as much overall. It's much easier to commit to a one-time treatment with slightly more downtime, versus a series of treatments like an IPL series since clients don't want to increase their risks by going out more.

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