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Let's Talk Botox - Clearing Up Common Misconceptions - White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic

White Rock Skin and Laser Clinic Talks Botox

Before I started with White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic, I knew very little, if anything at all about the aesthetics industry. My background was in business and marketing, but I was eager to learn and contribute to an amazing team. I've learned so much in the past few years and I get the feeling that many people have the same misconceptions as I did about Botox, fillers, etc. You just don't know what you don't know. So I thought I'd share some things that I've learned along the way that have made me a Botox convert!

Botox Works Everytime

Botox is... ?

Botox, or Dysport, are brand names of the neuromodulator, botulinum, a wrinkle relaxing treatment. Botox isn't a catch all, it's just a commonly used term to describe neuromodulator the same way Kleenex is used to describe facial tissue. For the sake of ease, I'll use the term Botox to describe neuromodulators through this article, however we do use other brands at the clinic. They can have slightly different affects and Dr. Bredenkamp and Dr. Lamprecht like to choose the product best suited for the individual and treatment area.

Botox, in controlled, small doses works as one of the best anti-aging treatments by stopping repeated motion in the face that causes lines and wrinkles. The treatment is quick, safe and not overly painful with results that are so loved, they've made Botox the number one aesthetic treatment in the world.

Botox 'Fills' Wrinkles and Lips

This was a big one for me. Anytime I saw someone who looked "overdone", I thought, "Oh, too much Botox". But actually, Botox is used to relax muscles in the face that, over time, create wrinkles due to over use. These are called dynamic wrinkles. If we frown repeatedly, the lines will eventually stay between our brows. There are the frown lines that are commonly complained about, also called the "elevens". But Botox can be used almost anywhere that these dynamic wrinkles exist, like crow's feet, forehead lines, etc. The product temporarily paralyzes the muscle it is injected into and the lack of movement will soften the lines and even prevent them moving forward.

Secondly to that, it's hyaluronic acid filler that is injected to fill lips and restore lost volume in static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are caused by gravity and the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Think marionette or smile lines.

Botox Leaves Your Face Frozen and Unnatural Looking

Botox poorly placed or overused can leave a face looking frozen, however when it's expertly placed in the proper dose, you may not even know it's there! By relaxing some of the facial muscles with properly placed neuromodulator such as Botox or Dysport, you allow the face to move while temporarily halting the repeated, wrinkle causing motions. The result is a softening effect overall. This does mean that it is difficult to frown. Many clients that come in feeling that they look angry all the time are so relieved that our physicians can help in as little as one appointment. The lines are softened and they appear happier and well-rested, not frozen and unnatural.

Botox Is The Answer To All Your Aging Issues

Botox has a very satisfying effect and those who get it tend to love it however it's also not a magic wand. As described above, Botox soften dynamic wrinkles but can't and won't lift static wrinkles so for those with advanced aging, Botox is just ONE of the tools used in a proper anti-aging treatment program. It works best when all areas of concern are addressed which includes: fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, age spots and pigmentation issues and skin quality. The team of experienced technicians and physicians at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic can put together a personalized treatment plan to address your skin's needs and Botox may likely be a part of it!

It's also a fantastic treatment for those trying to delay the effects of aging. Botox actually helps younger people (<35) prevent wrinkles! Many of our clients are trying to slow the

Botox Is Permanent

Botox typically lasts three months before the effects start wearing off. It's a treatment that must be repeated to have a long term affect. But once you start, you'll likely love the results so much you'll want to keep it up!

Botox Is Only An Aesthetic Treatment

Botox is actually a drug that is safely used as a treatment for migraines and hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating. The physicians at White Rock Skin & Laser are trained in the expert administration of Botox for both of these ailments. Many extended benefits will cover the cost, or the majority of the cost of the Botox if you suffer from migraines so be sure to speak to your family doctor about a prescription and let our experienced physicians do the injecting. (Many family doctors don't administer Botox Therapeutic)

Botox Is Only For The Rich And Famous

Okay, this might be a bit of a stretch but I really did think that the people that got Botox were different than everybody else. I couldn't be more wrong. This treatment is extremely popular for good reason, because it can help basically everyone! With the natural-looking results, you wouldn't know that your neighbour, your teacher, your stylist, your sister has had it... you might just envy their skin! We get all walks of life and all ages in the clinic and everyone can benefit... they all deserve to!


If you've been thinking that it's time to talk to someone about your skin care goals, book a consultation at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic today to get started. Our team will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to address your skin's needs. Our comprehensive approach is loved by our client community as we target multiple signs of aging using the best in products, technologies with only experienced hands doing procedures.

Book here or call 778-545-1925 to get started.

Curious how much Botox you need and how much it costs? Learn more by clicking the image below or click here.

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