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Jennifer Aniston's Skin Care Secrets And What's Offered At White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic

Insider recently shared an article combining a number of treatments, tricks and tips that Jennifer Aniston, everyone's favourite skin care icon, has spilled over the years. Since Ms. Aniston is such an amazing example of how your skin care look like 30 at age 50, we wanted to share the article with you. Check it out here and keep reading below to see what White Rock Skin & Laser recommends and offers.

We can't overstate the importance of overall health in the health and condition of your skin. Getting the proper amount of rest, drinking plenty of water (apparently J.A. drinks 100 oz per day!) and eating well are crucial to maintaining your skin's healthy condition. But there are treatments that even the most minimalist still opt for.

A proper at-home skin care routine will maintain healthy, glowing skin and keep skin in optimal condition for treatments. At home products used regularly also keep pigmentation issues at bay. In the article, Jennifer tell InStyle Magazine in 2016 that "water, sleep, and sunscreen" are her "top three anti-aging tips." Our physicians recommend daily use (that's right, 365 day a per year, not just in the summer) of SPF to prevent premature aging of the skin, in addition to protecting against issues like skin cancer. Also, a gentle resurfacing product to keep the skin fresh, a moisturizer to ensure the best hydration, a properly selected cleanser for your skin type to wash away the day and an antioxidant product to prevent damage. If you have skin issues like acne or pigmentation, there are specialized products that our skin care consultants will recommend in addition to the standard skin care products to rectify the problem. Book a free consultation here to have our team develop a personalized skin care routine for your needs!

White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic offers one of Aniston's favourite in-clinic treatments. "I love Clear and Brilliant laser treatments," says Aniston, who told InStyle that she loves this 30-minute, non-invasive resurfacing laser treatment because it "is a great refresher and there's very little downtime." And she assures that "it won't make you look like a peeled tomato." Our team loves this treatment for it's buff and polish affect on the skin, leaving the skin tighter and more luminous. Learn more about Clear + Brilliant laser here or click here to book your free consultation to find out if the Clear + Brilliant is right for you.

There is much debate around whether or not Aniston uses Botox or dermal fillers. Here, The Telegraph shares an article crowing her the "Queen of 'Tweakments'". Whether or not she does or doesn't, Botox and fillers are two of the most popular anti-aging treatments for a reason. Lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and/or replace lost volume due to age. Our physicians are well trained and experienced in creating treatment plans that deliver natural looking results. We want to take a comprehensive approach to anti-aging and create treatment plans that incorporate multiple modalities to highlight our patient's natural beauty. Book a consultation here to have Dr. Lamprecht or Dr. Bredenkamp develop a treatment plan developed for you.

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