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Galderma Rebate Program Back at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic

The Galderma rebate program on Dysport and Restylane products is BACK at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic! This program is a favourite and is back by popular demand. This time, Galderma is offering a rebate by way of a prepaid Mastercard. Whether you come in for wrinkle relaxing injections, lip enhancement, a non-surgical facelift or more, you could be eligible to receive 10% back on a single product treatment, or 15% on a combination treatment!*

Why do we love this program so much? Well, we love the products! Restylane has been producing hyaluronic acid fillers for over two decades and offer a number of different products within the line. This allows our physicians to confidently choose the right product to address your specific aging concerns! The Restylane range of products is designed to help:

  • Restore a youthful-looking appearance by filling lines and wrinkles or adding volume

  • Enhance facial balance and harmony

  • Smooth wrinkles in specific facial areas, such as the cheeks, mouth/nose folds, lips and around the eyes

  • Refresh and improve the smoothness, elasticity and appearance of your skin for a radiant-looking glow

Dysport, a neuromodulator similar to Botox, delivers natural looking results quickly and the results are long lasting.

The first step is to book a consultation with Dr. Bredenkamp or Dr. Lamprecht at White Rock Skin & Laser. You can ask questions, discuss concerns and our team will do up a treatment plan tailored to your personal needs! Book your consultation now to get started!

*For complete terms and conditions, please visit

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