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BOGO at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic!

White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic knows that a complete anti-aging transformation involves proper at-home treatments and a clinically developed skin care routine. We carry a number of product lines that A) deliver results, B) prep the skin for treatment and C) encourage longer lasting results following a treatment.

Revanesse Skin® is a line of medical-grade, restorative mask treatments that are entirely dry-to-the-touch. Without the mess of conventional creams, lotions and serums or the fuss of wet, sheet and foil masks, the revolutionary imprinting process of Revanesse Skin® fuses an advanced treatment balm onto a dry mask textile, which creates a lipid-based formula and heat-activated delivery system. Upon skin contact, your body heat softens the balm, infusing the skin with medical-grade, active ingredients for continued release for up to 6 – 8 hours after each use.

There are two different formulations depending on your needs. The Revanesse masks come in either Ageless or Glow. Ageless is a powerful, anti-aging infuser that contains 87% active ingredients that firm, smooth and hydrate the skin in a convenient take-home treatment. Glow is a powerful, revitalizing infuser that contains 90% active ingredients that brighten, illuminate and nourish the skin in a convenient take-home treatment.

Stop by White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic to pick up your Revanesse masks, or book a consultation to have a treatment plan developed that is tailored to your skin's needs! Click here to book.

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