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Why White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic?

We know there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a location for your aesthetic journey. We are bombarded with advertisements from medi-spas for unlimited laser hair removal for shockingly low costs and some day spas offer injections or even laser treatments by contracted doctors or estheticians. But how do you know you’re choosing the best place for you? We have a few reasons why White Rock Skin & Laser is the right choice. 1. Licensed, Dedicated Physicians Our clinic is owned by leading, licensed physicians in the White Rock area. Dr. Lamprecht and Dr. Bredenkamp are well-respected in the community and are proud to provide aesthetic services with experience and integrity. They believe in what they do and are proud to help the White Rock community achieve their aesthetic goals using a comprehensive approach to anti-aging. They take part in regular training to stay on top of the latest products and techniques to provide our patients with results-driven procedures in a safe, professional environment. Learn more about our physicians background here. 2. Comprehensive Approach to Anti-Aging Our clinic is fully focused on higher-end, medical approaches to anti-aging. We offer a full assortment of technologies, procedures and products to address multiple signs of aging. Our team develops personalized treatment plans to address each patient’s individual concerns and makes recommendations based on years of knowledge and experience on how to best prepare the skin for procedures and maintain results post procedure. 3. Post-Procedure Care We offer consultations with our technicians and our physicians based on a client’s needs and most importantly, we always provide follow ups to ensure patient safety, satisfaction and a full-service experience after a procedure. In comparison, many offices simply perform procedures and send clients on their way, without follow up. 4. Client Comfort We take our client’s comfort very seriously – our clinic is set up to be discreet and professional while still maintaining a relaxed, comfortable environment. We also know that many of the procedures are new to our clients and they likely have many questions. We take plenty of time during our consultations to ensure our clients feel fully prepared and have their questions answered by our knowledgeable team. We also understand that clients may have some anxiety surrounding injections and procedures. We are pleased to offer the Pronox system, which is essentially a laughing gas that reduces anxiety. We take pain management very seriously and do our best to ensure pain levels and discomfort are well managed during and after a procedure. 5. Skin Resurfacing and Pellevé Surgical Procedures We are proud to offer two procedures to the White Rock/South Surrey community that aren’t available at many clinics in the area. Many outside physicians often recommend that their patients visit our physicians for these procedures as Dr. Lamprecht and Dr. Bredenkamp have greatly focused on specializing in these procedures. The laser skin resurfacing procedure is an ablative procedure performed only by physicians that can treat a variety of aging concerns including pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and more. It also can treat actinic keratoses which are pre-cancerous spots that cosmetically are undesirable, but also when left untreated, can develop into skin cancer. The Pellevé Surgical Tool is a radio-frequency technology that is used to remove benign skin lesions such as moles, skin tags or other lesions. This procedure is no longer covered under MSP in a typical family practice and is now offered privately at our clinic. It quickly became a very popular procedure since so many people have spots they’d like removed. 6. Experienced Technicians/Consultants Our physicians are very selective in their hiring process and have built a team of experienced skin care consultants and laser technicians. The team is professional and extremely knowledgeable in all our aesthetic offerings, as well as an overall knowledge of the industry to be able to deliver the best options to each client. Our technicians also attend regular training to ensure they are always up to date on the best products and technologies. Our clinic is happy to help you start your aesthetic journey and guide you all the way through. We are results-driven, and we love clients looking and feeling like their best selves. If you’re interested in making some changes, book a consultation to come meet the team. We are sure you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your choice with White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic.

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