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PRP x HA Combination Therapy

At White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic, we have combined two renowned treatments into a combination therapy bringing the best of hyaluronic acid/skin boosting and PRP treatments to our clients. This combination therapy is beautiful for almost any area of the body and has become our go-to treatment for under eye dark circles which are notoriously difficult to treat. During a consultation with one of our physicians, our team will develop a treatment plan to address your concerns and take a comprehensive approach to your anti-aging program. A medical-grade skin care routine is always recommended for longer lasting, beautiful results. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an exceptionally popular treatment for skin rejuvenation for it's natural ability to gradually stimulate the production of collagen and bringing a beautiful luminosity to the skin and reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. (Learn more about PRP here.)

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), or dermal fillers are loved for their immediate results, restoring lost volume and plumping up the skin with the results that last up to a year. A recent makeup of thinner hyaluronic acid and a dermo-restructuring complex of vitamins and amino acids has become extremely popular as well. (Learn more about Skin Boosting Injections here.)

Treatments are performed by physicians using a mesotherapy gun for optimal distribution of the products. The procedure is comfortable and brings both gradual and immediate improvements to the skin. If you'd like to discuss this treatment with our physicians, book your consultation today. 

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Treatments Required: 3

Downtime: None

Cost: $$$

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