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Neck Rejuvenation

Many clients come to White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic unhappy with the appearance of their neck. Aging takes a toll and many often forget to take care of the neck and decolletage area the way they care for the skin on their face, leaving them with loose, tired skin, wrinkles and through aging, very visible platysma bands (the vertical muscles in the neck that stick out when you strain your neck).


Our physicians will start with a consultation to discuss your goals and will develop a personalized treatment plan to address your areas of concern. Generally, a combination of therapies is used to treat the different signs of aging in the area. The physician may choose to utilize filler to replace lost volume and give the skin a tighter appearance. Neuromodulators are used to soften the appearance of the platysma bands for a more youthful appearance. PRP x HA injected with the use of the mesotherapy gun can improve skin texture. Belkyra may also be used to reduce stubborn fat under the chin. Laser may be utilized for pigmentation or skin tightening and skin care is always recommended to ensure longer lasting, beautiful results. 

White Rock Skin & Laser always does it's best to ensure a comfortable treatment in a clean, comfortable environment. If you'd like to talk to our physicians about this, or other treatments, book your consultation today. 

Treatment Time: 15 minutes

Treatments Required: Every 3 months

Downtime: None

Cost: $ - $$

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