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Incontilase - Female Incontinence

Female stress incontinence is a wide-spread problem with few options for treatment. Surgery is invasive, is associated with risk and side effects and it takes a long time to have a date scheduled. Now there is another option for those suffering from stress incontinence: the Incontilase laser treatment at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic. Incontilase is done on the Fotona laser, the laser of choice for the physicians at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic. 

There are different lasers that treat stress incontinence and the Fotona is the laser choice of the physicians at White Rock Skin & Laser Clinic. Unlike other lasers treating incontinence this is not a CO2 laser and not associated with the same risks of burning, scarring or inflammation. Fotona’s non-ablative laser technology thermally affects the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen, remodeling and creating new collagen fibers in and around the area along the vaginal wall. The final result of collagen neogenesis is the shrinking and tightening of vaginal tissue and collagen-rich endopelvic fascia, greater support to the bladder and the return of normal continence function.

A consultation is booked with our physicians to start the process. The procedure and candidacy is reviewed and a series of three treatments are scheduled. The treatments are performed by a female nurse practitioner and are very well tolerated and fairly quick. The speculum is inserted and the laser adapter fits into the speculum. The laser is utilized in two different modes to target tightening and collagen stimulation in the canal. The adapter is retracted to pulse every 5 mm in 5-6 passes through the canal, effectively and safely delivering bulk heating to the area. The treatment finishes with some exterior tightening.


The second treatment is performed one month later and the third can be done at the 6 or 12 month mark, depending on results. Clients love that there is no downtime though there are aftercare instructions to be followed and some mild swelling can be expected. Results can be seen as early as three days post-treatment and last 12-18 months. 

If you think this treatment can help you live a more comfortable, confident life, book your consultation today to get started.

Treatment Time: 25 minutes

Treatments Required: 3 plus maintenance

Downtime: None

Cost: $$$

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