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Collagen Stimulating Injections

White Rock Skin and Laser Clinic offers multiple products and modalities to correct volume loss and address facial aging. Polylactic Acid injections (Sculptra®) are a safe treatment that can restore facial volume by stimulating the natural production of collagen in your skin.

Sculptra®, derived from the acid in fruits, is Health Canada approved and has been used since 2004 to correct volume loss. This bio-compatible product is injected over the course of three treatments. The injections are always performed by a physician and topical anesthetic is used to ensure a comfortable procedure for our clients. Treatment areas must be massaged multiple times a day for five days following the treatment to ensure even distribution. It gradually increases the production of collagen, thickening the skin and lessening the effects of facial aging.


Our clients love Sculptra® for the gradual, natural results with effects that last 2 years. This treatment is loved by clients and celebrities alike for it's natural look. Follow up treatments are required to maintain condition of the skin and other treatments, such as neuromodulators, laser treatments or skin care are often recommended in conjunction with the injections for better anti-aging results.

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Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Treatments Required: 3

Downtime: None

Cost: $$ - $$$

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